All You Need to Know About the Man Kitchen!

All You Need to Know About the Man Kitchen!

When you think about it, and that long ago, really, the kitchen was definitely the playground of the female in the home and not somewhere that men spent much time at all. Well, those days are way behind us now and along with the frilly aprons and white and cream coloured fridges, now become relics of a bygone era. 

Today, things have certainly been rearranged, with the likes of self-confident single people of both sexes, to equal couples, to those aspirant television celebrity male chefs. There are today now more men than ever before who are indeed cooking up great food not only for themselves, but also for the ones they love.  

So, what are we actually looking at here? Let’s have a peek in the man kitchen!

An Individual Style

Forget about quaint countryside pictures or porcelain ducks and cats, the kitchen which a man likes working in are those that are sleek, modern, and waiting for any fellow to just walk into and get some great food dished up! 

Cool, and Yet Warm!

When viewing a “masculine” type of kitchen, you will find some things which practically nearly all of them have in common, and that is a unique sense of warmth (by making use of wood, copper or stainless steel furnishings) and occasionally with an industrial style feel to them. 

Males in designer kitchens in Norwich are currently setting a new modern tone to cooking, which is indeed a new arena in the cooking experience and something which certainly looks set to stay. 

  • And with regards to paint colours, darker shades are popular, without any shades of bright reds, oranges, blues and greens!

30% More on Costs!

Today’s kitchen design businesses have definitely heard the call and are fully responding to men in aprons! This is due to the cost of the male kitchen being at least 30% more than when a female makes the same kitchen choice.

  • This has by itself helped to generate some amazing new kitchen concept designs!

Higher Counters

Nearly all kitchens, catering in the past to women were somewhat low due to most females being shorter than males. Nowadays, it makes good sense to have ones which are raised. 

  • If both the husband and wife enjoy cooking, a second lower counter can easily be fitted. 

State of the Art Entertainment

A wireless sound system with a smart TV would ideally be part of the man’s kitchen and all easily controlled by one remote control or smartphone. 

Strong Surfaces

When it comes to counter materials, the use of low-maintenance quartz and other quality stone products, which are both stain and scratch resistant, in darker colours are more than perfect. 

Considerable Power 

Capable ranges, exhaust systems and dishwashers would all fit in perfectly. For the range, a high enough high powered hood for highly effective smoke clearance!  

Attention all of you fellas, let’s get some great cooking on the go!

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