6 Great Advantages Of Installing The Spacious Tall Kitchen Cabinets

Tall Kitchen Cabinets

It is an unsaid fact that homeowners always focus on the aesthetic and functionality of the kitchen more than any other space, consciously or unconsciously. As you spend a significant time of your life in the kitchen, cooking, doing the dishes, preparing for house parties, and having some good wine while cooking, the kitchen needs your maximum attention. 

Keeping the kitchen clutter-free is the prime need of every homeowner. Unfortunately, the continuous use of the various products may pose difficulties in maintaining the neat and clean look of the kitchen. With the trend of installing kitchen cabinets of various forms, interior designers have found the best way to maintain the organization in the kitchen. Here are the great advantages from tall kitchen cabinetsamidst the various kitchen cabinets, as the tall kitchen cabinets have emerged as the perfect blend of aesthetic and functionality. 

More about tall cabinets:

There are misconceptions that the elements like a tall kitchen cabinet will shoot up the price of the entire furnishing in direct proportion to the height. This is a misnomer, as tall pantry units do not cost as much as you think. It is just a perception that these are expensive. To address the myth, you will now get to know about the numerous advantages of installing such cabinets in your kitchen. 

Advantage #1: Maximum storage space:

The primary reason for installing the kitchen cabinets is simple- you want more storage space. Period. And so, the cabinet manufacturers are now focusing on using the floor-to-ceiling height for adding maximum storage space in the available area. As kitchens cannot provide you with much long continuous stretch of wall or floor, the dimensions of these cabinets cannot be much, except for the height. 

  • Usually, the depth of the panty ranges between twelve and twenty-seven inches, while the height is anything above four feet. The width range is usually around twelve to thirty-six inches. 
  • The upper cabinets can be taller than the standard size of the cabinets. You can even ask for double-stacked cabinets that will reach the ceiling. So you are getting bigger space for storing the seasonal cookware, platters, or appliances that you don’t use regularly. 

Needless to say, these tall kitchen storage cabinets with doors have become the icons of a highly functional kitchen with minimum clutter.

Advantage #2: Many varieties are available:

If you have been refraining from purchasing the kitchen tall unit because you believed these are available in one format only, it is time to debunk the myth. Nowadays, the manufacturers are designing various types and several attractive modules that comprise the family of tall pantry cabinets. 

Firstly, there are mid-tall and tall units. Under the categories, there are further sub-divisional units, like

  • Special units to fit in electronic appliances
  • Different dimensions of shelves in the units
  • Units containing fittings, including drawers. 

Therefore, you can pick and choose the type of tall cabinets that will suit your needs. 

Advantage #3: Require less upkeep:

Maintenance of each interior design element has always been a headache for many. Fortunately, the tall storage cabinets in the kitchen will reduce the headache of upkeep instead of adding to the agony. 

  • As there will be no open space above the kitchen cabinets, there is no chance of accumulation of dirt or dust on top of the cabinets. It becomes quite difficult to reach these areas and remove the dust. 
  • To get rid of the empty look above the small cabinets, some of you may keep some decorative items on top of the cabinets. These will get dirty themselves, and cleaning will get more inconvenient. 

Thus, the ceiling height cabinets are going to lessen the chances of dust settling in the area. Durst and grime collection won’t happen on the top surface of the cabinets. 

Advantage #4: Keep the groceries together:

Most homeowners feel that the shortage of space persists even after adding the standard cabinets in the kitchen. The tall kitchen cabinets come as the one-stop solution to your problems in such a scenario. To help yourself, start by asking what you plan to store in the wall and base cabinets? The answer is mostly groceries. 

Now, picture the tall cabinet where you get to store all the grocery items together. 

  • So you freed up space in the base cabinets to keep the bowls and dishes that were fighting for space till now. 
  • It will also help you locate the grocery items in stock quickly as you don’t have to ravage through numerous racks and cabinets once you forget where you store the groceries. 

You can now use the wall cabinets for keeping other supplies, too, like the cleaning supplies and toiletries. 

Advantage #5: Free up countertop:

Count the things that you have kept on the countertop. There can be a toaster, a sandwich maker, some spice jars, and even the mixer grinder in some cases. These are essential but also reduce the space available on the countertop that you can otherwise use for marination, cutting the vegetables, keeping the food after preparation, and arranging the ingredients for preparation. 

You can cook up a storm right now with the free space available on the countertop once you have shifted everything inside the tall kitchen storage cabinets with doors. 

Advantage #6: Very much affordable:

The expensive tag is a myth when it comes to the tall pantry cabinets. When the designer suggests the installation of the tall unit in your kitchen, you can’t even resist saying immediately that you have to break the bank for the installation. However, this is an absolute misconception. 

  • The tall units are affordable, and the finishing is not at all costly either. 
  • The price hardly varies from that of the normal cabinets except for the additional amount due to the use of extra raw material.
  • The price shoots up only if you choose to add expensive accessories.

As you come to know about the surprising and advantageous facts of the tall units, you can consider using one, especially if you have a considerable ceiling height. The affordable pantry unit will be an ideal home improvement investment. 

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